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Venetian Palace

The remains of the Venetian governor’s palace (Palazzo del Proveditore) can be found at the western end of Namik Kemal square. The palace was originally built in the 13th century by the Lusignans as a Royal Palace and the kings of Cyprus lived here until 1369  when it was highly damaged by earthquakes. The palace was repaired by the Venetians in 1552 and started to be used again as the Royal Palace.

The most remarkable part of the current palace is the three-arched entrance to one side of Namik Kemal Square. Mirroring the Roman arches of triumph, they were even able to use real Roman columns brought from Salamis. Above the central arch is the arms of Giovanni Renier, the Italian Governor of Cyprus at the time. Remains of a large granite column as well as several cannon balls can be found at the courtyard.

Today, the palace is used as a place for cultural events such as open air concerts.


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