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Sinan Pasha Mosque (Church of St Peter and Paul)

Originally built as a church by a wealthy Syrian merchant, Simon Nostrano, in 1360, Sinan Pasha Mosque is located in the Walled City of Famagusta, between the Land Gate and the Venetian Palace. Later in 1571 it was turned into a mosque by the Ottomans and named after Sinan Pasha. 

Sinan Pasha Mosque was was used as a grain and potato store during the Biritsh Period, due to which it is also called the Wheat Mosque (Bugday Camii). 

Because of the tremendous height, the walls were supported by flying buttresses, and due to shallow foundations or maybe earthquakes,  another row of buttresses were constructed on the southern side in the 16th century, which gave it an amazing appearance. 

There is the tomb of a renowned diplomat, 28 Mehmet Chelebi, in the southern courtyard of the mosque. 28 Mehmet Chelebi was the Ottoman ambassador to France and died in exile in Famagusta in 1732. 

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