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Rivellino Bastion (the Land Gate)

Second oldest part of Famagusta City Walls, Rivellino Bastion is one of the two gates to the city, the Land Gate – and the other is Porta Del Mare, the Sea Gate.

Rivellino Bastion was originally built as a seperate tower from city walls to guard the main entry. But the Venetians, as a defence act towards Ottomans, strengthened the city walls and combined the Rivellino Bastion with the city walls. After the Ottoman siege of Famagusta, it was renamed as Akkule (White Tower) and continued to serve as a main entrance to the city.

Frescoes and coats of arms dating back to the Venetians can still be seen  on the city side of the gate, while to the other side a small mosque was built by the Ottomans in 1619.


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