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Martinengo Bastion (Tophane)

One of the good examples of military architecture in Mediterranean lands with its triangular design, the Martinengo Bastion was built in 1550s by Venetian architect Giovanni San Micheli. It was anmed after the Venetian commander Martinengo, who died on the way to Cyprus.

It was built due to security purposes as the Venetians, upon arrival, recognized that the walls of the city were not good enough for defense.

 There are chimneys in its domed chambers for gunpowder smoke to go out and for ventilation. On its walls are holes for gunpowder barrels and cannon balls. Its architect Giovanni San Micheli knew how defenseless angular corners to a bastion would be, for this reason, he constructed two cannon flankers on either side of the triangular fort. With two on the other side, he covered the fosse  with a field of fire. The flanker gunports are the largest along the entire walls as the biggest guns were installed here.

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