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Main Reasons to go to North Cyprus

by Gulse Birsel, Hurriyet, 19 Feb, 2017


Sense of comfort, relief, freedoom and peace:

Don’t know if it’s because of sunny weather 300 days a year, or maybe because the trouble in Europe or Asia cannot reach as far as here… But I’ve never met worried or stressed people here! They make the most of life, food and chat. I even think the antidepressants might be made out of the air here. Despite economic and political issues, islanders are happy and peaceful. “The most important product we offer foreigners is democracy and stable law” , says TRNC President Ozgurgun. Really, you can breathe the democracy like oxygen here. One of the islanders told me about their life “Whatever happens, even if it’s the end of the world, we make our barbecue and drink on Sundays, cause we don’t have a care in the world”.

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