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Kurucesme Projekt

 Kurucesme Projekt is an art gallery located in Kurucesme Sok Nicosia. They host several art events and exhibitions worth seeing.

What they say for themselves is:

The Kuru Çeşme Projekt is the house and it is the endeavor.

It is the physical structure rooted in the ancient streets of the Yeni Camii neighborhood within the walls of Nicosia.

It is the attempt to continue a dialogue of art and of education and of culture between the varying and varied people of Cyprus.

It is the British Colonial architecture that survived conflict and fire to remain a haven for those in need of communion and a light for those in need of connectedness.

It is the spirit of outreach and kinship that adapted and expanded the rooms and the walls of this four generation family residence to provide shelter and sanctuary to the aunts and cousins the brothers and grandchildren the immigrants and refugees who have passed across its floors.

It is a place for everyone who is searching for a place.

The Kuru Çeşme Projekt is a dedication to Halil Ibrahim Ozankaya who alone saw the potential in us and in this house in this community and in this country.

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