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IVF (In Vitro Fertilisation) in Cyprus

Couples, regardless of their age, always dream of having children. By their nature, humans need to have children to continue their generation. For families who are unable to have babies in natural ways, it is possible today to have children thanks to in vitro fertilisation methods. There are many reasons of infertility; not only health problems but also many other reasons may lead to infertility. If either the ovum of the woman or sperms of the man lost their function, embryo donation is necessary.

Are you Ready to Get Pregnant?

All other methodas require external fertilisation and transfer to the mother, enabling pregnancy. The process of treatment for couples unable to have children is called IVF (In Vitro Fertilisation) Treatment. There are several methods to it. Pregnancy is made possible by using one or more of these methods.

Couple usnable to have children can prefer to visit the IVF centres in Cyprus and start their treatment with the help of professional surgeons here. The first step of IVF treatments is the examination of the patient and determination of whether they rae suitable for treatment and which treatment methods are the best for them. The treatment process is planned and organized together with the patient. 

Cyprus IVF Treatment

IVF Treatment is carried out in Cyprus under state control and it is obligatory for the patients to be informed about all steps of the treatment and to confirm. Especially in significant treatments such as gender selection, the patient is kept under supervision. 

Consisting of the best IVF centres in the world, Cyprus comes among the most tolerant countries in this sense. Thus, as a country with a highly developped medical tourism, Cyprus welcome patients from all around the world.

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Holiday along with your Treatment

The IVF centres in Cyprus host mother and father-to-be’s during their treatment process in one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Instead of spending stresful days during your treatment, you have the chance here to have a holiday at the same tme and even entertain yourself. 

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