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Gamblers’ Inn 

Dating from about 1570 A.D. Gamblers’ Inn is located a little north of the Great Inn, in Nicosia. Inside are several shops and coffee bars, giving the place a nice and pleasant atmosphere and making one of the favourite spots for tourists.

There used to be the well known Asmalti kahvehanesi at the entrance to the Inn, the view of which seems to be the most popular subject for visiting artists.

This photo shows the interior courtyard and it demonstrates how beautiful a building can be, without the elaborate carving in mediaeval Gothic buildings of western Europe. This forecourt is the Muslim equivalent of the cloisters of Bellapais abbey.

The visitor will notice, as is usual in these old buildings, fragments of Roman objects and carvings around the old stables. An old Roman hand flour mill can be seen in the forecourt, of which there are quite a number in Kyrenia. The Department of Antiquities has been rejuvenated, and is now very busy restoring those places that will attract tourists, especially that fine old entrance of the inn, now camouflaged by a clutter of small shops.

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