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Festivals in North Cyprus

North Cyprus can fairly be called an island of festivals… Tourists as well as local people have the chance to enjoy various festivals and local events held almost every week.

Some of these festivals are local and give an insight into traditional Cypriot culture while some other international festivals and events are held in famous venues of North Cyprus and attract important celebrities every year from all around the world.

The list of the most important North Cyprus Festivals can be seen below (although it should be a good idea to check local press for exact dates):

Cyprus Tulip Festival – Avtepe, Trikomo (Iskele)
Hisarkoy Orchid Festival – Kyrenia
Besparmaklar Theatre Festival – Catalkoy, Kyrenia

Mormenekse Artichoke Festival – Mormenekse, Trikomo (Iskele)
Culture & Art Festival of Kalavac – Kalavac, Nicosia
Karpasia Tourism Festival – Kumyali, Trikomo (Iskele)
International Spring Concerts
Yigitler Gafgarit Festival – Degirmenlik, Nicosia
Mediterranean Ayrelli (Asparagus) Festival – Kyrenia

Buyukkonuk Eco-Tourism Spring Festival –Buyukkonuk, Trikomo (Iskele)
International Bellapais Music Festival – Kyrenia
Culture & Art Festival of Duzova– Nicosia
Yildirim Watermeon Festival –Yenibogazici, Trikomo (Iskele)
Silk Cocoon Festival – Bellapais, Kyrenia
Cyprus Tango Festival – Kyrenia & Nicosia
International Northern Cyprus Film Festival – Kyrenia & Nicosia & Famagusta
Cyprus Raki Festival – Kyrenia

June & July
Famagusta Children’s Festival – Famagusta
Iskele International Folk Dance Festival – Trikomo (Iskele)
Degirmenlik Children’s Festival – Nicosia
Lapta Tourism Festival – Kyrenia
Guzelyurt Orange Festival – Morphou (Guzelyurt)
Iskele Festival – Trikomo (Iskele)
International Famagusta Culture & Art Festival – Famagusta
Beyarmudu Potato, Culture and Arts Festival – Famagusta
Esentepe Apricot Festival– Kyrenia
Lapta Children’s Festival –  Kyrenia
Gonyeli Folk Dance Festival– Nicosia
Alsancak Folk Dance Festival – Kyrenia
Tomato Festival – Lapta, Kyrenia

August & September
Nicosia Youth Carnival – Nicosia
Cyprus LTB Theatre Festival – Nicosia
Mehmetcik Grape & Wine Festival– Trikomo (Iskele)
Yenibogazici Pulya Festival – Famagusta
Babutsa Culture & Arts Festival – Serdarli, Famagusta
Halloumi Festival – Gecitkale, Kyrenia
Salsa Dance Festival – Kyrenia
Pearl of Europe Beauty Contest – Nicosia
Sea Festival – Alsancak, Kyrenia
Isik Bookstore Books Fair – Nicosia
Famagusta Youth Festival – Famagusta
Mr & Miss North Cyprus Beauty Contest
International Carob Festival – Tatlisu, Famagusta
Karsiyaka Beach Event – Kyrenia
Kalkanli Cakisdez (Olive) Festival – Morphou (Guzelyurt)
International Golden Grape Documentary Film Festival – Mehmetcik, Trikomo (Iskele)

North Cyprus International Music Festival
International Kyrenia Olive Festival – Zeytinlik, Kyrenia
Buyukkonuk Eco-Tourism Fall Festival

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