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Education System in North Cyprus

Education in North Cyprus, according to legislation by the TRNC Ministry of Education and Culture, consists of 4 stages: Pre-School, Primary, Secondary and Higher Education.

North Cyprus Education in general is based on some basic priniciples such as universality and equality, requirements of the society vs skills of the individual, guiding, educating and success, the right of mandatory education, equal opportunity, sustainability, education everywhere, coeducation, scientificness and environmentalism, scheme based ecuation, Ataturk’s principles and reforms and Ataturk nationalism, development of national character and culture, Turkish and foreign language learning, secularism and religious knowledge, development of consciousness of democracy, cooperation of schools and parents, and compatibility to Turkish education system.

A wide range of kindergardens and creches provide pre-school education for the children between the ages of 3 and 6 in North Cyprus. Most of these institutions accept children from different nationalities, making it easier for the child to pick up the languages more easily and adapt to the new environment. To see the list of Pre-School institutions in North Cyprus, please visit Pre-School Institutions in North Cyprus.

Primary & Secondary School is provided together in North Cyprus for children between the ages of 7 and 14 and it is compulsory. High School education is offered for ages between 15 and 17 by lycees and vocational schools.

Apart from the state schools which offer education free, there are also several private schools available. The medium of education in the state schools is Turkish  and although the quality of education provided is over the average when compared to the education systems in Europe, they still suffer from under-funding in terms of facilities and teaching materials. The private schools on the other hand provide the children with a multi-cultural environment with students from different naitonalities as well as a more skill-based education system with several facilities and social opportunities they offer. Although they are also monitored by the TRNC Ministry of Education and Culture and follow the same curriculum, they extend the curriculum and follow UK Key Stages, IGCSE, A levels, The Cambridge Young Learners Scheme, SATs and TOEFL as well. The fees are not as high as in Europe and could be accepted as affordable. To see the list of state schools please visit State Schools (Primary) in North Cyprus, State Schools (Secondary) in North Cyprus, High Schools in North Cyprus and private schools please visit Private Schools in North Cyprus.

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