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Duty Free Shopping

Duty-free shops are outlet stores that do not require the payment of certain local or national taxes and duties, provided the products bought by the travelers will be taken out of the country. 

Both Ercan and Larnaca Airports have nice duty free shops where you can enjoy shopping for yourself or buying presents for your beloved ones for cheaper prices and without spending your baggage allowance limits. It should be a good idea, though, to arrange timing well and arrive at the airport early to allow yourself enough time for shopping in duty free stores.

The products that you can find in duty free shops include tobacco, liquor, fragrances, cosmetics, chocolates & sweets, travel goods, watches & jewellery, bags, sunglasses, and confectionery.

It is still a good idea to keep in mind that the goods you can buy from duty free shops is not unlimited. For example, you are only allowed to buy tobacco up to 3 packs and alcohol up to 2 litres. 

To get more information about the Duty Free Stores in Cyprus, you can visit their web pages:

Ercan Airport Duty Free Stores

Larnaca Airport Duty Free Stores

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