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Dervish Pasha Mansion Ethnography Museum

The konak of Ahmed Dervish Pasha, a traditional Nicosia mansion, is on Belig Pasha street in Nicosia. It houses the island’s richest collection of Ottoman artefacts. It is one of the hidden treasures of the city.

Ahmed Dervish Pasha was a leading figure of the Turkish Cypriot community and a member of the small assembly that rubber-stamped the decisions of the British colonial administration. His mansion is a fine example of Ottoman domestic architecture. The whitewashed walls, plain yellow stone arches, terracotta-tiled roof and blue-stained woodwork reveal a disciplined restraint and classical love of order. The house is L-shaped, with a sturdy stone-arcaded basement which combines neatly with the arcade that defines the walled garden. The ground floor was devoted to the practical working of the household and spilled out into the shaded garden which contained a well, washroom, outdoor oven and bathhouse.

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