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North Cyprus, enjoying typical Mediterranean climate, welcomes you with long warm summers from May to October and mild winters from December to February. Sea breeze in coastal areas comes with a relief in hot summers. November in fall and March and April in spring offers you the most beautiful greens of nature for you to admire…

North Cyprus has a high duration of sunshine, an average of about six hours of nice sunshine even in January offers local people as well as the tourists a holiday atmosphere almost all year round.

Clothing According to Weather

As summer is the season with highest temperatures, it should be a good idea to choose lightweight clothing and fabrics to stay cool in the heat. Light color breathable clothes that offer protection are ideal for hot summer days.

In fall, temperatures start to fluctuate, while spending time at the beach or the pool during the day, you might need warmer clothes at night. You might try layering your clothes if you are planning to spend all day out and will have no time to change.  Medium-weight apparel and light woolies could be recommended.

Although these are the winter months for Cypriots, it can be considered as fall by foreign visitors. Winter clothing is adivsed, but heavy coats are boots are not required.

With the possibility of warm days and occasional rain, the weather is unsettled in February. You can feel the spring during the day whereas it can still be quite cool in the evenings. Layering your clothes can again be a good idea in February.

In spring, sunshine is back and you can enjoy pleasantly warm weather. Yet, it can still be slightly chilly in the evenings. Light-Medium weight and summer apparel is advised as well as long-sleeved cotton and light woolies for the evenings.

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