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Church of St George of the Latins

One of the earliest churches in Famagusta, Church of St George of the Latins was constructed in the 13th century, using materials removed from the Salamis ruins.

Its design said to be inspired by St Chapelle church in Paris, it is one of the good examples of Gothic style architecture. 

The church originally consisted of five parts and also a chorus, which together with the northern wall are the only remains of the church surviving to our date. 

Thin columns built into the walls  were usually elaborately carved, sometimes with religious figures, sometimes with the coats of arms belonging to the benefactors of the church.

The first steps of what was a spiral staircase leading up to the roof can be seen inside the church.

To the north west can one still see the remnants of a guard house with a conical roof and the entrance doorway, meaning that the parts of the walls between the pillars were light weight. This enabled the builders to build large windows, almost the full height of the walls, which is one of the main characteristics of Gothic architecture, allowing a large amount of light to come into the church.


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