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Church of St George of the Greeks

Built in Gothic style by the Lusignans during the 1360s, this magnificent Cathedral is one of the rare samples of orthodox churches in the East. It was further embellished with small functional items of Byzantian architecture as well as it served as an orthodox cathedral.

Aia Symeon church, combined with the southern gate of the cathedral is also an important piece in French-Byzantian style. It is claimed by some sources that this place was the chapel of Aya Symeon, also the chair of the original Greek Cathedral and Famagusta Exarchate during the Middle Age, and that the tomb of Aia Epiphanios was once located here. 

The cathedral was highly damaged during the 1570-1571 Ottoman siege due to intense shellfire and still carries the traces of the shell holes in its rear front. As its ceiling panel was constructed of light material such as amphora and small stones for thermoinsulation, it collapsed due to shell fires and eartquakes in time.  

Cuneiforme drawings of sailboats as well as the obsolescent frescos on the left wing walls of the cathedral are also worth seeing. 

The legend has it that during full moon, a silhouette of St Mary and the Jesus can be seen when looked at from a certain point. According to some, this silhouette is of a small child and an old priest who during a fire burned to death while trying to save the small child. 


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