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Buying a Car in North Cyprus

Buying a car in North Cyprus is quite easy and there are quite many car showrooms for both new and second-hand cars. If you would like to get an idea before visiting one, though, you might consider having a look at some local newspapers or magazines such as Alim Satim Dergisi or  Cyprus Today or local web sites such as . Once you decide on the car you would like to buy, you need your passport and residence permit for

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Buying a House in North Cyprus

Well, if you have decided to buy a house in North Cyprus, either to live in or only as an investment, we suggest you go through this article before starting. If you know the island well yourself, you might consider searching for the right region and the right property for you. Otherwise, it could be a good idea to contact a local agent who could help you in your search. The first step will be choosing the region – beachside

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Permanent Residence in North Cyprus

Permanent Residence Permit entitles one on certain conditions to live in North Cyprus for an indefinite period of time. Who can apply for a permanent residence permit in North Cyprus? Persons holding a continuous 6 years’ work permit or business establishment permit (they should also own or live in a house of a certain standard, be in good medical condition, have a clean criminal record, and have stayed outside of North Cyprus in the last six years no more than

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Study Permit in North Cyprus

Students who have been accepted to an education institution in North Cyprus should apply for a study permit. The applications should be made to the Immigration Office. The required documents during application are: 1 Passport-Size Photo Receipt of Payment (to be paid to the revenue administration ) Application form (a copy could be seen below) Student Certificate Medical Report (for the first year only) Copy of Passport Revenue Stamp Breakdown of entry and exits to be taken from the Police

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Temporary Residence Permit in North Cyprus

Who holds the right to get a Temporary Residence Permit? Over 18 children of work permit holders Widowed parent of work permit holders Property owners in TRNC having sufficient income Parents of students holding study permit How can you apply for a Temporary Residence Permit? Collect necessary documentation Visit the Immigration Department of the local Police Station to fill in an application form Take this form to the local authority of the region you reside who will confirm your residential

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Foreign Missions in TRNC

Turkish Embassy Bedrettin Demirel Avenue, Lefkosa  +90 (392) 600 31 00  +90 (392) 228 22 09 @ USA Ambassadorship Office Serif Arzik Street No: 6, Koskluciftlik, Lefkosa +90 (392) 227 39 30 / +90 (392) 228 06 46 +90 (392) 227 85 14 NOTE: Visa Application is accepted British High Commission Office Mehmet Akif Avenue No:29, Koskluciftlik, Lefkosa +90 (392) 228 38 61 +90 (392) 228 70 54 @ NOTE: Working on appointment basis. Visa applications

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Honorary Representatives of Turkish Republic of North Cyprus

TURKEY Honorary Consulate of TRNC in Adana Ali Şakir Tiltay Tel: 0 322 457 29 07 Fax: 0 322 457 71 19 e-mail: e-mail: Honorary Consulate of TRNC in Hatay Ali Han Sarıcalı Tel: 0 326 213 52 57 Fax: 0 326 213 52 58 e-mail: e-mail: Honorary Consulate of TRNC in Osmaniye Tel: 0 326 617 5510 (Osmaniye) Faks: 0 326 617 7799 Tel: 0328 826 83 01 (İskenderun) e-mail: Honorary Consulate of TRNC

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Visa Regulations in North Cyprus

Citizens of the EU, Australia, Azerbaijan, Canada, Iceland, Israel, Japan and Mexico are not required to submit visa for entry. Citizens of the European Union are required to hold a valid EU passport or a national identity card Citizens of the Republic of Turkey traveling to TRNC are required to hold a valid passport or identity card Third country nationals are required to hold a valid passport Visa regulations apply to crossings from South Cyprus. As per the legal procedure, those

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