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Church of St George of the Greeks

Built in Gothic style by the Lusignans during the 1360s, this magnificent Cathedral is one of the rare samples of orthodox churches in the East. It was further embellished with small functional items of Byzantian architecture as well as it served as an orthodox cathedral. Aia Symeon church, combined with the southern gate of the cathedral is also an important piece in French-Byzantian style. It is claimed by some sources that this place was the chapel of Aya Symeon, also

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Canbulat Museum

Named after the Kilis Bey (governor) of Ottoman period Canbulat bastion was turned into a museum in 1968 where Canbulat’s tomb is also located. Several more items relating to the Ottoman items are also exhibited.  When the Ottoman decided to conquer Cyprus under Venetian rule in 1570, Canbulat was appointed the commander of the Ottoman army in the south of the walled city of Famagusta. The legend says that the Venetians placed sharp blades on a turning wheel and used

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The Armenian Church (also called the Ganchvor Monastery) was built in the 14th century by the Armenian refugees from Cilicia. At the time, it was an important centre of monastery and culture and it is said that Saint Nerses Lampronatsi, one of the most significant figures in Armenian literature, studied here. Armenian community, who settled in Cyprus before the Lusignan period, used to have two bishops, one in Nicosia and the other in Famagusta. Within the Armenian Church, cubes were placed on the

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What to Pack for a North Cyprus Holiday

Congratulations! You have finally decided to spend your next holiday in North Cyprus. Now you are recommended to go through this list before you pack for your holiday. Personal Items Your passport and/or your ID should be with you while entering the country (depending on your home country). Please visit Visa Regulations in North Cyprus for more information. You might want to take your driving license with you as well in order to be able to rent a car in

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Ercan Airport Transportation

KIBHAS KIBHAS is the Cyprus Airport Services Company running shuttles from all five regions of North Cyprus to and from Ercan Airport. The fares are reasonably priced and very advantageous when compared to private transfers or taxis. The current fares as of today are Nicosia 12,00 TL, Kyrenia, Famagusta and Guzelyurt 17,50 TL, Lefke 21 ,00 TL. Running in accordance with flight arrivals and departures, the buses operate almost 24/7. Although it is not necessary to book in advance, it

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Quick Tourist Guide

WEATHER The island enjoys an intense Mediterranean climate with long, warm and dry summers from mid-May to mid-October. The winters are mild and sometimes rainy , lasting from December to February. Summers and winters in Cyprus are separated by short autumn and spring seasons. TIME North Cyprus is normally two heours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), and seven hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time (EST). LANGUAGE The official language is Turkish but English is widely used and understood by

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Famagusta Tourist Spots

to see all spots on the map, please go to Famagusta Tourist Spots Agios Ioannis Church Armenian Church Bedi’s Beach Canbulat Museum Church of St George of the Greeks Church of St George of the Latins Ghost City of Varosha Glapsides Beach Kocareis Beach Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque Martinengo Bastion Namik Kemal Dungeon Nestorian Church Othello’s Tower (the Citadel) Palm Beach Rivellino Bastion Salamis Ancient City Sea Gate Famagusta Silver Beach Sinan Pasha Mosque St.Barnabas Monastery St. Francis Church The Walled

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Festivals in North Cyprus

North Cyprus can fairly be called an island of festivals… Tourists as well as local people have the chance to enjoy various festivals and local events held almost every week. Some of these festivals are local and give an insight into traditional Cypriot culture while some other international festivals and events are held in famous venues of North Cyprus and attract important celebrities every year from all around the world. The list of the most important North Cyprus Festivals can

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