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Cypriot Cuisine, just like others, has been shaped by civilizations it has so far hosted as well as the regional vegetation and climate. Bitter sweet events were elaborated in the kitchen and the current flavours flourished as a result. Cypriot cuisine is both a classical Mediterranean cuisine appealing to almost anyone, and also has a variety of different flavours to be tasted by tourists. We strongly recommend that you taste the traditional food of Cyprus as each possibly will be

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Climate & Weather

North Cyprus, enjoying typical Mediterranean climate, welcomes you with long warm summers from May to October and mild winters from December to February. Sea breeze in coastal areas comes with a relief in hot summers. November in fall and March and April in spring offers you the most beautiful greens of nature for you to admire… North Cyprus has a high duration of sunshine, an average of about six hours of nice sunshine even in January offers local people as

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Language & Culture

The official language in North Cyprus is Turkish although English is also widely spoken as a second language. Having been a British Colony for a long time, North Cyprus has its own version of Turkish with quite many English words or statements adapted. Many Cypriots returned after living in Great Britain, Australia or America for a long time, which is the reason they can well understand and speak English. Road signs almost all around North Cyprus are both in Turkish

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