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Canbulat Museum

Named after the Kilis Bey (governor) of Ottoman period Canbulat bastion was turned into a museum in 1968 where Canbulat’s tomb is also located. Several more items relating to the Ottoman items are also exhibited. 

When the Ottoman decided to conquer Cyprus under Venetian rule in 1570, Canbulat was appointed the commander of the Ottoman army in the south of the walled city of Famagusta. The legend says that the Venetians placed sharp blades on a turning wheel and used it in order to prevent Ottoman soldiers from entering the bastion. To let the army in, Canbulat drove his horse into the wheel and had his head cut. He picked up his cut head under his arm and continued fighting three more days, which was the big motivation for the Ottoman army not to give up and win the fight. 

Also, a fig tree is said to have grown up by the tomb of Canbulat, which is supposedly a source of fertility for women eating the fruits of it.

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