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Buying a Car in North Cyprus

Buying a car in North Cyprus is quite easy and there are quite many car showrooms for both new and second-hand cars. If you would like to get an idea before visiting one, though, you might consider having a look at some local newspapers or magazines such as Alim Satim Dergisi or  Cyprus Today or local web sites such as .

Once you decide on the car you would like to buy, you need your passport and residence permit for the conveyance process.

Cars over 3 years old are required to have an MOT test, repeated every 3 years before the annual license is issued. The inspections are carried out at police stations. MOT testing dates are published annually and detail a programme of dates by registration numbers when vehicles are required to be inspected. An emission test is required to be carried out within a 7 day period before the police MOT inspection. These tests are carried out by approved garages and cost 25 TRY. No appointment is usually necessary.

All locally registered cars in North Cyprus are liable for an annual Road Tax, depending on the wieght of the car. 







Insurance could be the compulsory traffic insurance, a third party simple policy covering a certain limit of damage in case of an accident (currently costs 400TRY) or a fully comprehensive insurance policy based on the type and purchase value of the car (an average one costs about 600TRY).

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