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NEW! Seafront Houses

In the new Seafront Project, finest details have been thought of including an outdoor pool, kids pool, play area, fitness centre, car park & security and many more… The infinite beauty of the Mediterranean will embrace you with all its magic.

Emergency Numbers in North Cyprus

Police 155 Fire Service 199 Forest Fire 177 Coast Guard 158 Emergency Healthcare 112 Nicosia Police +90 392 228 33 11 Famagusta Police +90 392 366 53 10 Kyrenia Police +90 392 815 20 14 Trikomo Police +90 392 371 23 33 Morphou Police +90 392 714 21 40

Public Holidays in North Cyprus

If you are thinking of traveling to North Cyprus, it should be a good idea to check public holidays before as there are quite many bayrams and special days in North Cyprus when all banks and government offices are closed. January 1st New Year’s Day  April 23rd National Sovereignty and Children’s Day  May 1st Labor Day  May 19th Commemoration of Ataturk and Youth & Sports Day    July 20th Peace and Freedom Day  August 1st Social Resistance Day  August 30th Victory Day

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Duty Free Shopping

Duty-free shops are outlet stores that do not require the payment of certain local or national taxes and duties, provided the products bought by the travelers will be taken out of the country.  Both Ercan and Larnaca Airports have nice duty free shops where you can enjoy shopping for yourself or buying presents for your beloved ones for cheaper prices and without spending your baggage allowance limits. It should be a good idea, though, to arrange timing well and arrive at

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Using your Mobile Phone in North Cyprus

There are two GMS operators running in North Cyprus, KKTCell and Vodafone (KKTC Telsim), both Turkish companies. If you have roaming service in your home country, you can use your own mobile phone in North Cyprus thanks to the alliance of these two companies with other international companies. If you are planning to stay in North Cyprus for a longer while, on the other hand, you might consider buying a local sim card and using your mobile phone more freely

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Hospitals in North Cyprus

Ada Hospital (Ada IVF Centre) – Kyrenia 444 2229 / 0548 873 0873 British Medical Laboratory – Kyrenia 444 42 65 / 822 40 80 / 0533 886 30 30 Cengiz Topel State Hospital – Morphou 723 6351 / 723 6329 Cyprus Life Hospital – Nicosia 225 55 70 Dr. Burhan Nalbantoglu State Hospital – Nicosia 6085441 – 6085479 Etik Hospital – Nicosia 223 4694 / 223 6328 Famagusta State Hospital 364 8264 / 364 8986 Famagusta Tip Merkezi Hospital 366 5085 Famagusta Yasam Hospital 366 8600 / 444 1133 Kamiloglu Hospital – Kyrenia 815 3282 /

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IVF Centres in Cyprus

   Bahceci Cyprus IVF Hospital  +90 548 859 90 00, Nicosia  Dogus IVF Center  +90 542 856 18 70, Nicosia  Dr Halil Ibrahim Tekin IVF Center  +90 548 860 60 00, Famagusta  Dr Tolga Tuna IVF Center  +90 548 880 80 48, Kyrenia  Dunya IVF Clinic  +90 392 650 7777, Kyrenia  Kibris Tup Bebek  +90 533 874 24 14, Nicosia  Euro IVF  +0 392 815 90 50, Kyrenia  Gyno Life IVF Center  +90 532  785 24 80, Nicosia  IVF Center

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IVF (In Vitro Fertilisation) in Cyprus

Couples, regardless of their age, always dream of having children. By their nature, humans need to have children to continue their generation. For families who are unable to have babies in natural ways, it is possible today to have children thanks to in vitro fertilisation methods. There are many reasons of infertility; not only health problems but also many other reasons may lead to infertility. If either the ovum of the woman or sperms of the man lost their function,

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Luxury Hotels in Cyprus

To see all hotel in the map please visit Luxury Hotels in Cyprus

Cinemas in North Cyprus

To see all cinemas on the map, please go to Cinemas in North Cyprus  Kyrenia Cinemas Starlux Cinema 170 Karaoglanoglu Caddesi Kyrenia Tel :(392) 8224450 Lemar Cineplex Zeytinlik Kyrenia Tel :(392) 8223565 Nicosia Cinemas Avenue Cinemax Mehmet Akif Caddesi Dereboyu No : 87 Nicosia Tel :(392) 4442400 Galleria Cinema Club Ataturk Caddesi, Nicosia Tel: (0392) 2277030 Lemar Cineplex Gazeteci Hasan Tahsin Cad. Kermiya Bolgesi Ortakoy Nicosia Tel :(392) 2235395 Misirlizade Cinema Misirlizade Sok. Nicosia Tel :(392) 2289698 Famagusta Cinemas Cine Mall

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